CH-60D Model - Portable Metal Hole Hydraulic PunchesHydraulic Metal Punch DiesHydraulic Hole Punch Dies

Model number: CH-60D



Max. Punching Thickness(mm): Copper, Aluminum t12, Iron t10

Standard Die(mm):3/8"(10.5),1/2"(13.8),5/8"(17),3/4"(20.5)



C-shaped designed, the cylinder and the body are firmly, integrally molded of forged alloy steel, which possesses both high compression and tension.

Light, portable, easy to place. Can presisely punch with few burrs.

Applicable to angle steels, copper, aluminum, iron plate, H beams, and all other U-iron.

Depth: 70mm. The max. punching capacity: Copper and aluminum plate-D20.5xt12mm; Iron plate-D20.5xt10mm.

Need to coordinate with hydraulic pump (power pump:CTE-25AS, hand pump" CP-700, or foot pump: CFP-800).

Able to customize dies in any sizes.

PS : We also offer an oval (rectangular-hole) die for this tool.

  proimages/A005/CH-60D-MOLD-1.jpg  proimages/A005/CH-60D-MOLD.jpg
Round DieOval Die