CPO-500 Hydraulic Compression Hand PliersDies for Hydraulic Hand Pliers

Model number: CPO-500


Body weight:7.5(kg)  

Net weight:12(kg)

Compressed die sizes(mm²):35,50,70,95,120,150,180,240,300,400,500



High pressure direct type hydraulic compressed tool, manually operation entering oil by high and low two-stage output, the maximum output pressure is 700kgf/cm2(10000psi).

Easy to operate and carry, suitable for high-altitude operations.

Accessory dies can be replaced, point compression type, compression maximum size up to 500mm2.

Additional dies for crimping pincer compression tube can be purchase separately.

ㄇ-shaped and 180o rotatable head part, can make use of variety of angles.

With the overload-protective device.

Able to customize dies in any sizes.