Product Name : Battery powered hydraulic compression tools
Product No : TP-25B博世(TP-25M牧田)
Product Description

Output : 6 Ton

Battery capacity : 18V 2.0AH

Weight : 3 KG (without battery and dies)

Pipe compression : 1/2" (13SU), 3/4" (20SU), 1" (25SU)

Cable compression : 50mm2~240mm2

Product Introduction

◆ Light weight, high efficiency, easy operation.

◆Upright design for easy operation in narrow spaces.

◆The head can be rotated 180 degrees to work with different angles.

◆Setting with overload protection device, the pressure reaches the set value and can automatically release pressure.

◆Host design has two options: BOSCH and MAKITA batteries.

◆With LED working light, easy to work in the dark place.

◆Standard Dies: 1/2" (13SU), 3/4" (20SU), 1" (25SU) 3 kinds of molds.

◆Additionally purchasing with 1 1/4" (30SU), 1 1/2" (40SU), 2" (50SU).

◆It also can make cable compression and water pipe compression molds to choose.