Tai Cheng Hydraulic Industry Co., Ltd., TAC, specializes in manufacturing all types of hydraulic and manual tools for rescue and electric power industry. Products are manufactured under strictest quality control, and our factory products have been trusted by many reputable local organizations as well as global famous companies over 30 countries worldwide.

All base on the ISO9001-2008 standard & applying CE, UL certification.

TAC brand main series products: Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Compression Tool, Battery Powered Multifunction Hand Tool, Rescue Tool (door ram, hydraulic distractor), Hydraulic Cutting Tool, Hydraulic Punching Tool, Busbar Tool, Pipe Bending Tool, Hydraulic Screw Nut Cutting Tool, Hydraulic Wheel-Pulling Tool, Hydraulic Cylinder, High Pressure Wire Stripper, Wire Releasing Tray, Cable Slipping Wheel Frame, Wire Pulling Net, Safety Protective Garment, Spare Parts.

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