Product Name : Hole Saw
Product No : Holesaw
Product Description

 Item   Diameter Die(mm)   Max. Drilling Capacity(mm) 
 How Sas  D14-D100 Stainless Steel 5、Iron 5
D19-D55 Round Pipe 5

Product Introduction

An alloy steel 3-knives compound cutter, which includes an external knife, a center knife, and an internal knife. Therefore, it has higher maintenance and lower chances of being broken or fallen apart.

The extension edge of the head part has a resisting function that can use to avoid drilling too deep or too hard during the operation.

Applicaiton to iron boards, stainless steel boards, aluminum boards, FRP boards, and plastic resin plastic boards, etc.

Need to coordinate with driller or drill machine. The max. punching capacity using stainless steel board: 5mm.