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High Pressure Hydraulic Pumps

Tai Cheng Hydraulic Industry Co., Ltd., as a hydraulic pumps manufacturer, has specialized in producing various kinds of electric pumps for more than 22 years. Our goal is that has developed as a leading high pressure hydraulic pumps manufacturer that could apply to a wide range in industries.
Tai Cheng has extensive experience in this field and has well-trained research and development staff. Specially, in order to assure customers of the highest satisfaction of our products, we pay emphasis on research and development, production, marketing and quality. Based on these, our outstanding ability of power pump manufacture can help customers complete their jobs smoothly.
Be a leading power pumps manufacturer, we not only raise our own competitivity, but also help our customers to upgrade their productivity. It's a perfect win-win situation. For this, we always serve our client with honest and passion.