Product Name : Portable Band Saw Machine
    Product No : UE-100S
    Product Description

    Cutting Capacity(mm): 90o  O:100mm,口:100x150mm

                                    45o  O:85mm,口:85x100mm

    Sawing Belt Size(mm):1470x13x0.65

    Sawing Belt Speed:50HZ 4P 45MPM





    Product Introduction

    A small multifunctional saw, which is able to cut off cables, irons bars, pipes, tubes, angle irons, aluminum materials, plastic pipes, woods, and other materials.

    The holder keeps objects steady and balanced, prevents wrinkles on the cutting surface from vibration or oscillation.

    The alloy saw blade is wearing resistance, high cuttingefficiency, and easy to install and replace.

    Easy to carry, suitable for construction, utilities machining, and other construction sites use.