Product Name : Battery-Powered Type
    Product No : REC-5250M
    Product Description


    Battery capacity:18V, 4.0AH


    Accessory Lithium Battery x1、Charger x1

    Product Introduction

    The EHV rechargeable host and the DC-driver-motor-hydraulic pump drive high tonnage output. The output pressure: 700kg/cm2 (10000psi) - Has two-stage inlet, high and low pressures.

    Easy to operate, lightweight and easy to carry, high mobility. Suitable to use in fast-rescue construction sites.

    The hydraulic system is designed with an overload protection device, which is much secured, not easy to damage.

    The multi-functional combination makes investment low pay high.

    The head is made of high-strength alloy steel, which can be rotated 180 degrees to coordinatewith various angles.

    Tools also can be used with BOSCH lithium batter.