Product Name : Battery-Powered Hydraulic Cutting Tool(HardType)
    Product No : REC-40
    Product Description



    Battery capacity: 18V, 4.0AH

    Cutting Capacity(mm):Steel wire D25mm, ACSR D38mm、Aluminum/Copper D38mm, Telephone Cable D38mm, Pills stick D16mm


    Product Introduction

    EHV rechargeable crimping machine, driving the motor of hydraulic pump by using the DC voltage 14.4V and drive high tonnage output, maximum output pressure can up to 700kgf/cm2(10000ps)

    Use-friendly, lightweight, portable, suitable for fast rescue construction site.

    Safe valve designed in the hydraulic system, can protect and avoid over-loading automatically.

    Suitable for cutting cables, copper and aluminum wire, ACSR, pill rods, cables, telephone lines and other multi-purpose.

    Maxiumu cutting capacity: Steel wire D25mm, Pills stick D16mm, Aluminum/Copper D38mm, Phone line/Cable D38mm, ACSR D38mm.

    Able to customize dies in any sizes.


    Tools also can be used with BOSCH lithium battery.

    PS: It is suggest that 5 degree blade is better for cutting ACSR, can be more effort-saving. For cable, pill rods, copper and aluminum wire, steel wire and telephone lines, 45 degree blade is better.