Product Name : Complex Hydraulic Busbar Tool
    Product No : MPCB-301
    Product Description

    Punching Capacity(mm):Copper, Aluminum D20.5x10 / lron D20.5x8

    Standard sizes:3/8"(10.5),1/2"(13.8),5/8"(17),3/4"(20.5)

    Bending Capacity(mm):Copper, Aluminum 150x10

    Cutting Capacity(mm):Copper, Aluminum 150x10

    Product Introduction

    Contains three functions: punching,flat bending, and cutting busbar.

    Punching: punching precisely, fewer glitches, depth in 70mm.

    The max. punching capacity - copper and aluminum: 020.5x10mm, iron: D20.5x8mm.

    Flat bending: completes a 90-degree bending at once. Has an angle scale, which allows user t easily c ntrol and bend a wanted angle. The max. bending capacity: 200x10mm.

    Cutting: a V-type cutter makes the cutting edge smoother without a notch. The max. cutting capacity: 150x10mm.

    Contains an auto-hydraul ic pump. The output is 700 kgf/cm2 (10000psi).