Product Name : M-Series Busbar Punching Tool
    Product No : MP-125
    Product Description


    Punching Capacity(mm): Standard Die 3/8"(10.5),1/2"(13.8),5/8"(17),3/4"(20.5)


    Product Introduction

    Applicable to punch on angle steels, iron plates, H beams, copper and aluminum busbar.

    Can punch presisely, easy to place, reduce burrs on a busbar.

    The max. punching capacity: Copper and aluminum busbar- D20.5x12tmm, iron busbar- D20.5x8mm.

    Need to coordinate with hydraulic pump (power pump: CTE-25AS, hand pump: CP-700, or foot pump: CFP-800).

    Able to customize dies in any sizes.