Product Name : M-Series Busbar Flat-Bending Tool
    Product No : MB-125,MB-150
    Product Description

    Item  Output(TON)   Bending Capacity(mm)   Weight(Kg) 
     MB-125  20  Copper, Aluminum 125X12t  19.5
    MB-150 20 Copper, Aluminum 150X12t 21.5

    Product Introduction

    Applicable to manufacturing factories, on-off boxes, and switchboard auto-controlled industrial wiring work.

    The use of the axis in large-area-bending design prevents busbar from twisted while bending.

    Able to easily control bending angles. The max. bending capacity of MB-125 is 125x12tmm(MB-150: 150x12tmm)

    Need to coordinate with hydraulic pump (power pump: CTE-25AS, hand pump: CP-700, or foot pump: CFP-800).