Product Name : Hollow Type
Product No : CPS-10,CPS-20
Product Introduction

The alloy-steel-made cylinder and claw hooks are not easily deformed, have high safety factor.

A combined design of  2-&/3-claws and claws in different lengths can be used in and switching for different working environments.

Unique center screw pre-conditioning designed, increasing the range of pulling depth, especially suitable for use in narrow space.

Product surfaces by electroplating treatment, rust and wear-resistant.

Need to coordinate with dydraulic pump(power pump:CTE-25AS, hand pump: CP-700, or foot pump: CFP-800).

Claws lengths can be customized in special lengthen and shape.

 Item   Output 
 Hook Length 
 Pulling Range 
 Axis Stroke 
 Pulling Stroke 
 CPS-10  10 246 50-300 95 28 11
 CPS-20 20 244 50-300 300 89 40
 CPS-30 30 487 800 500 89 75
 CPS-50 50 700 1000 700 85 139