Product Name : Separate Type Cutting Tool
    Product No : CPC-55B(硬質類)
    Product Description

    Output(Ton):7.1  Opening(mm):55

    Cutting Capacity:

    Steel Wire(mm):6x7:25/6x12:25

    Round Bar(mm):Soft Cooper Bar:24/Soft Aluminum:24/Soft Steel Bar:16/Reinforce Bar:18

    Stranded Conduct(mm):ACSR:38/Cooper Aluminum Strand:55/Steel Wire Strand(1x9):20

    Telecom Cable(mm):55   Weight(kg):4.2

    Product Introduction

    A single-loop cutter tool, lightweight, easy to carry and opterate.

    The special alloy steel blade is made for nicely cutting hard wires without breaking.

    The max. cutting opening: D55mm.

    Need to coordinate with hydraulic pump (automatic:CTE-24AS, manual:CP-700, or pedal:CFP-800,CFP-800-1).