Product Name : Large Oil Capacity Hand Pump with Oil Gauge
    Product No : CP-700-2A-G
    Product Description

    Max. Output Pressure:700Kg/cm²(10000psi)

    Output Pressure(kg/cm)²:Low 0-25; Hight 25-700

    Output Oil(L/min):Low 1.3; Hight 2.3

    Oil storage(cc):2100



    Product Introduction

    High-pressure single-hole operative pump with high and low two-section quick oil output, the maximum output pressure 700kgf/cm²(10000psi).

    Fast, easy to carry, suitable for non-power state workplace.

    Pressure can be kept stopped, the pump internal design with high-pressure safety device.

    With the high pressure oil gauge to read the workig pressure value, to avoid overloading.

    With 2M high pressure hose, 360 degree rotation direction.

    Oil storage capacity, suitable for large tonnage or longs storke hydraulic tools.

    Applicable Oil: R32 special circle oil.