Product Name : Mini Hand Pump
    Product No : CP-180
    Product Description

    Max. Output Pressure:700Kg/cm²(10000psi)

    Output Pressure(kg/cm)²:Low 0-25; Hight 25-700

    Output Oil(L/min):Low 0; Hight 2.3

    Oil storage(cc):220

    Net Weight(kg):4


    Product Introduction

    Single-hole operative pump with high pressure one-section quick oil output, the maximum output pressure 700kgf/cm²(10000psi).

    Lightweight, easy to carry.

    Fast, easy to carry,suitable for non-power state workplace.

    Pressure can be kept stopped, the pump internal design with high-pressure safety device.

    With 1M high pressure hose.

    Applicable Oil: R32 special circle oil.