Product Name : Straight Screw Claw Type
    Product No : CK-601
    Product Introduction

    One-shaped EHV-hydraulic pulling machine uses manual extruding output. The max. output pressure: 700kgf/cm2(10000psi).

    The alloy-steel-made cylinder and claw hooks are not easily deformed, have high safety factor.

    A combined design of screw claws,straight claw and collocate with press plate. Claws lengths can be lengthen, applicable to long axis, additional three-claw-seat can be purchased separately.

    Removable telescopic handle and 360 ° operation designed facilitate the use in limited space.

    With rapid positioning adjustment nut design, improving efficiency,saving time and effort.

    Product surfaces by electroplating treatment, rust and wear-resistant.

    With fall prevention safety net and portable toolbox.