Product Name : Co, AI, Iron Plate & Angle Steel Punching Tools
    Product No : CH-80
    Product Description



    Max. Punching Thickness(mm): Copper, Aluminum t20, Iron t16, Stainless Steel t6.

    Standard Die(mm):D16, D18, D22, D25


    Product Introduction

    C-shaped designed, is firmly, integrally molded with cast iron.

    大Large-toonage, powerful punching capacity. Dual-action designed, which accelerates punching time, also increases efficiency.

    Applicable to angle steels, copper, aluminum, iron plate, H beams, and all other U-iron.

    Depth: 120mm. The max. punching capacity: Copper and aluminum -D25xt20mm; Iron -D25xt19mm; Stainless steel -D25xt6mm.

    Need to coordinate with hydraulic pump (power pump:CTE-25AD, hand pump" CP-700-2A-D, or foot pump: CFP-800-1-D).

    Able to customize dies in any sizes.

    PS: If requiring for an oval-hold (rectangular-hole) please notify while you ard purchasing, the body desing needs to be changed.


             Round Die