Product Name : Copper Plate Blending Tool
    Product No : CB-150D
    Product Description


    Bending Capacity(mm):Copper, Aluminum 150x12t


    Product Introduction

    Applicable to manufacturing factories, on-off boxes, and switchboard auto-controlled industrial wiring work.

    The liftable design of this tool can easily take out busbar by taking away the tenon if the busbar is to  long or in a bended N-shaped or C-shape.

    The horizontal placement design prevents the busbar from twisted and avoids products leaning one side by firmly supporting the bracket to keep it balanced while bending.

    Provides angle and scale for controlling the bending angle easily. The max. bending capacity is 15Ox12tmm.

    Need to coordinate with hydrau lie pump (power pump:CTE-25AS, hand pump: CP-700, or foot pump: CFP-800).