Product Name : Battery-powered Hydraulic Pump
    Product No : BP-66
    Product Description

    Max. Output Pressure(Kg/cm²/psi):700/10000

    Output Pressure(kg/cm)²:Low 0-2; Hight 2-700

    Output Oil(L/min):Low 0.5; Hight 0.15



    Oil storage(cc):700

    Net Weight(kg):6.6


    Product Introduction

    High-pressure  hydraulic power output machine tools, can be used with a variety of single-hole hydraulic tool, maximum output pressure 700kgf/cm²(10000psi).

    Rechargeable electric hydraulic pump biggest advantage is that the absence of state power, the battery can be used to do on-site repair operations.

    AC voltage to DC voltage usingthe input AC 110V turn out 14.4VDC batter.

    Rescue tools, lightweight and easy to carry when lack of power shortage, with 1.8M hose and battery (14.4V Capacity 3.0AH) charger set.

    Optional accessories own battery, charger, power adapter.

    Applicable Oil: R32 special circle oil.

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    Battery Charger